Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photography Final

     For my final I chose the rule of thirds project. The purpose of this assignment was to use the grid to focus on one area and show where that was. We were to have the grid on the camera and take a picture of three different objects. The first three pictures are my new and improved project and the last three are my old project. The first time around I just kind of took pictures and didn't really care; this time around I actually set up my objects and cared about the quality of the pictures.
    I enjoyed this assignment because I had the freedom to do whatever objects I wanted to do. I also really learned the importance of using a grid to focus on my main point of the object. In my original pictures, they suck. The lighting is awful and they are blurry. In my new pictures everything is clear and perfect. I think the first pictures sucked because it was sort of dark and muggy outside when I took the pictures. In my new set of pictures it was nice and sunny outside. Over all this project was pretty cool and I learned a lot.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Photography Rights Paper

      I’m doing my paper on a photographer who was supposedly making a delivery to Keyshaw Johnson’s house. 
Johnson allowed the photographer a pass into their double gated community to make a delivery; little did he know though the guy sat outside of Kourtney Kardashians house while they were filming their realty TV show. He waiting for them to come out and then started snappy photos the girls confronted him telling him that he was on private property. He immediately started to apologize but Kourtney called community security and the cops. The security said the photographer would be fined $1,000. There has yet to be heard of a fine though.
      I feel as if though his punishment should have been worse because not only was it illegal for him to take pictures of them on private property but also he really invaded their privacy. Everyone is entitled to their privacy and it must suck to have some random guy sit outside your house and take pictures of you and your sisters. I guess you could say the issue has been settled but the guy got off way to easy in my opinion. The photographs were not released.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Left. Right. Front.

Left, Right, Front
The studies say that the left side is the best but I'm not sure that I agree. This project was to test and see if the statement of the left being the best is true. I think everyone has a different opinion of what side is their best. If you ask many different people you're going to get different answers. 

In my opinion I think it depends on the person. Some people, girls mostly, have bangs on their left side which may cause you not to be able to see anything but their face so obviously that isn't their best side. It also depends if you like side photos or straight on photos. Personally I like photos that capture the person's entire face not just their right side or left side.